Ultimate cheat sheet to maximise sports training results

There are many reasons behind our decisions to partake in sports training and exercise, but one thing that joins us all is the desire to improve.

All progress is good progress. Nonetheless, there’s no point of grafting in the gym unless you are going to get the best results. Your hard work deserves the best results, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that happens.

Follow the top tips in our exercise cheat sheet below, and you should soon see far better gains. Whether that’s losing weight, gaining muscle or preparing for a big event doesn’t matter. The key is that you get the outcome you deserve, and here’s how to get it.

Get Motivated

Having personal goals is great, but they won’t necessarily keep you motivated. If you aren’t naturally inclined to work as hard as you should for those results, it’s imperative that you find an alternative incentive.

One of the best ways to do this is to take on a challenge for charity. This gives you a fixed date to prepare for, which should help you stay on track. Meanwhile, the support of your financial backers should help spur you on too.

Furthermore, you’ll be helping those people that need it the most. What better way to improve your good vibes as well as your training routines?

Team Up With A Buddy

Not everyone seeks enjoyment from sporting activity. If you are one of those that struggles to find it fun, then one your best solutions is to team up with an exercise buddy.

For starters, their inclusion will discourage you from taking days off. Meanwhile, the healthy competition should allow you to gain better results too. Moreover, your shared knowledge may unlock better routines and eating habits.

If nothing else, the social aspect should make it a lot more fun. Ultimately, this should give you a much better chance of sticking to your tasks.

Take Supplements

Anyone that trains for any sporting activity understands the importance of nutrition. Regardless of what your goals are, this is the key to achieving them.

But nutrition isn’t only vital for your overall looks. It can also be used to actively boost your workouts. The market is packed with different supplements, and using the right kind of nutritional aids can make a huge difference to your gains.

Speak to an expert about your specific goals, and they’ll point you in the right direction.


Even if you are trying to target one area of the body, it’s vital that you look to improve your general conditioning too. Therefore, enjoying a mixture of different exercises is crucial to gaining better results. Swimming is one of the best.

Swimming is the perfect way to work your entire body. Better still, the low-impact nature of being in the water reduces the risk of wear and tear injuries. Even if you aren’t a keen swimmer, it is an activity that should be incorporated at least once a week.

If nothing else, the variety should keep activities a little more entertaining.

High-Intensity Interval Training

The main focus for maximising workouts shouldn’t be the amount of time you exercise. The most important thing is that you gain the best output. The only way to do that is with the best input. In short, that means adopting an HIIT plan.

Pushing the body to its limit will bring better results. You’ll feel more satisfied after the workouts too, and it should bring vast improvements to your overall fitness. For people that don’t actively love being in the gym, it means you can also reduce the amount of time needed there.

At a time when finding time for exercise can be hard, this has to come as a huge benefit.

Track Progress

Most people can tell if their fitness levels are improving. Similarly, it’s not hard to tell when your sporting talent is getting better. However, it’s still important to know the extent of those advancements.

Knowledge is power, and having this information will stand you in far greater shape. More importantly, it gives you the best opportunity to reshape your schedules to find a route to even better results.

Additionally, seeing those progressions will serve as extra motivation to keep on going. Ultimately, that’s the key to obtaining long-term benefits.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s the oldest saying in the book, but it rings true. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a boxer, a tennis player or a better runner. Practice makes perfect.

When it comes to sport and exercise, hard work pays off. Put in those hours of training, and it will show when you need it most.