Celebrating Achievements This Spring

From the final weeks of football seasons to the anticipation surrounding events like the London Marathon on April 21st, this time of year is ripe with opportunities to celebrate sports. At Challenge Trophies, we offer a comprehensive range of awards to commemorate both team victories and individual triumphs through our trophies and medal selections. Read on to discover more about our Football Trophies and Medals!

Honouring Football Excellence:

As the final whistle echoes across football pitches, now is the time to honour those who have contributed their skills, dedication, and passion to the game.

At Challenge Trophies, we take pride in our diverse selection of football trophies and awards. From classic cups and team trophies, to specialised accolades like “man of the match” or “female goalie,” we have a huge range that caters to every aspect of the game. So, whether you’re celebrating a championship win or acknowledging individual performances, our trophies are crafted to encapsulate the spirit of football excellence. Browse through some of our awards below:

Embracing the Spirit of Running:

As the London Marathon draws near, we’ve now got running on our mind. For running events big or small, Challenge Trophies offers both standard and bespoke medals, however we wanted to share with you more details on how you can make your bespoke medals unique.

Within a 10-day lead time and a minimum order of 10 units, we offer a range of options to make your medal truly unique. From selecting the dimensions and metal hues to deciding on the finish and thickness, you have complete control over the design. Custom shapes, UV printing for personalisation, and bespoke ribbon designs are also available to enhance the medal’s appeal. What’s more, our custom medals are cost-effective, making them ideal for acknowledging groups of awardees. With prices starting at just £1.99 each, and a swift turnaround time of just 10 days, our tailored medals offer both quality and efficiency.

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