The Battle for Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles Title

With Wimbledon already underway, people are speculating about who will be the winner. The tournament is prestigious, which means that everyone out there is hoping to get ahead in the games. Yesterday, the start of the games held many surprises, and we are sure that there are many more to come for the rest of the tournament. Over the years, the tennis games have become more and more popular. On the first day of this year’s tournament, the event organisers had to ask people to stay at home, rather than attempt to join the crowds. By 9am, the stadium was already so full that they could not let anybody else enter it.

As it stands, no one knows who will do well in the games. With that in mind, there are some players that you might want to check out this year. The Gentlemen’s Singles Champion will get a trophy as well as prize money, but it is the glory that interests most people. This year, there will be the sum of £1,880,000 for each winner of Ladies’ Singles and Gentlemen’s Singles. Last year, Novak Djokovic was victorious, taking home the main trophy. The Serbian player is number one, according to the Association of Tennis Professionals. With everything to play for, who has a chance of taking home the titles and the trophies?

Andy Murray

First, let’s talk about Andy Murray. This year, all eyes will be on the British player who is a favourite in the tournament. Andy won the Rogers Cup trophy back in 2010. In 2013, he also won at Wimbledon, and many people are hoping that he can do the same again this year. At the moment, many reporters are suggesting that he has what it takes to go all the way. After all, he has had time to recoup and train in the last two years. After recently recovering from surgery, it is unclear how his body will cope with the strain of the sport. In the first round of the games, he will play Mikhail Kukushkin. The Kazakh tennis player is famous for his skills, and so it’s sure to be an excellent game.

Rafael Nadal

The other man that people will be watching has to be Rafael Nadal. The Spanish player ranks at number ten in the world when it comes to tennis. His recent string of defeats are a bad omen, but that’s not to say that he can’t come back from them. In 2008 and then again in 2010, he took home the primary Wimbledon trophy. He also won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2010, which is what made him so popular around the world. Right now, it is unclear whether he will make it in the current tournament. In the first round, he will play the Brazilian player, Thomaz Bellucci.

As the games begin, many people will be watching to see who will make it through the rounds and who will lose out early. The first round is always of interest since it is one of the most exciting in the game. These initial games should show us where each player stands at the moment.