How to Choose the Perfect Cricket Trophy

As the excitement of the Cricket World Cup engulfs the cricketing world, cricket enthusiasts have the sport on their minds like never before. With cricket on our minds, we thought this was the perfect time to give you a guide to selecting the perfect cricket trophies. Whether you’re running a local cricket tournament and recognising exceptional players throughout the season, or celebrating the achievements of a champion team, we’ve got the right trophy for you.

Picking the Type of Achievement You Are Celebrating

The first step in choosing the perfect cricket trophy is identifying the achievement you’re celebrating. Whether it’s the Player of the Tournament, Best Bowler, Most Valuable Player, or Team Champion, there’s a trophy for them.

Picking the Material

The next consideration is the material of the trophy. Some common options are resin trophies, wooden plaques & shields, and metal medals and cups.

Medal, Trophy Cup or Shield?

Next up, you want to consider whether you want a medal, a trophy/ plaque, or a traditional cup. Medals are lightweight, easy to wear and very cost effective – a good option if you are prizing the whole team. Trophies and plaques are ideal for celebrating significant achievements like Player of the Tournament or Bowler of The Day. And for something traditional, you cannot go wrong with a nickel plated cup for a prize for the team Winner of The Tournament!

Picking Your Budget

Your budget is obviously also important, and you’re in luck if you are hoping to not spend too dearly. Our medals start from just £1.65! However, we also have wooden plaques and nickel plated cups for those super special achievements!