Team Buglioni rises to the Challenge!

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the next big things in British Boxing yesterday – Frank Buglioni

I was invited to meet Frank and his team as part of a lunch for potential sponsors.  His management team wanted a partnership with a leading UK trophy supplier and they identified Challenge Trophies as a company that would reflect their ambition.

If you’re not already aware of Frank, he is a 23 year old Anglo-Italian.  To date he has had 5 professional fights, winning them all, three of those with quick knockouts.  So, he’s no unknown, he has a growing army of vociferous fans ‘Team Buglioni’ and for me to suggest he has great potential is like saying Lewis Hamilton might be pretty quick in a car!!

What I have been given is a small insight to the man himself.  He’s quiet, focussed, clearly hardworking, yet warm and engaging.  He’s got a great team around him, from trainers to management, but most importantly a strong family backing.  This is the story of a genuine young boxer who aims to hit the heights without taking shortcuts – he wants to succeed the right way.  It’s certainly going to be absorbing watching his career unfold, and with a bit of luck and staying free from injury, he may soon be fighting for prize money with more digits than a Captain Birdseye factory!!

Wise Guy
Frank Buglioni

Frank is an extremely likable young man, and I’m happy to add my name to ‘Team Buglioni’.