Spanish player lifts the World Cup

In Soccer City in Johannesburg, Iker Casillas became the first Spanish player to lift the World Cup.  But what do we know about the trophy he lifted?

It is a cup that is instantly recognisable, and was originally created in 1971 by Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. The trophy is 36cm high, which is fairly small in comparison to other famous football trophies – the UEFA Champions League trophy, for example, is more than double that size.

FIFA insist that the trophy is ‘solid gold’ and weighs 6.175kg, although recently a chemistry professor at Nottingham University contested that if it was solid gold it would be too heavy to lift and would weigh around 70 -80kg.  His theory is that at least part of the trophy must be hollow.

What gives the cup it’s distinctive look is the two green layers of the semi precious stone ‘malachite’ and the design of the two sporting figures holding up the earth.  When it was originally made the trophy cost around £35,000 but is now estimated to be worth over £6.5 million!

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