Our 5 predictions for the 2015/16 Football Season (Let’s see if we get them right!)

With the football season about to start up again, it’s time to take a quick look at what the 2015/2016 season will have in store. While the clubs are still bidding over players, it is safe to say that we have an idea of how the next season will go down. Last month, the FA released the football fixtures, which means that we can take a guess at how games will pan out.

As part of the epic opening weekend, we will see Liverpool FC take on the almighty Stoke. Also, Manchester United will play Spurs and Arsenal will go up against West Ham. There is no doubt that these few games will get the season off to an incredible start. Last season, we saw some surprising results, and so who knows which team will dominate? Let’s take a quick look at some insider’s predictions.

Football season predictions

Chelsea are the team to watch this year as many betting shops have predicted that they will take the top spot. Winning the Premiership would be an almighty victory for the football club.

Arsenal are another killer team, though, that proved their metal last season. This time around, experts believe that they will have a wild winning streak. Their first match against West Ham will be telling as it will show us whether they have what it takes. Of course, Wenger is infamous for failing to buy players in time. If he doesn’t invest in some fresh blood soon, though, it could mean awful things for the club.

Spurs recent performances have not been up to their usual standards. That is to say that something needs to change if they want to perform when the new season kicks off. November will see the North London derby take place, which is sure to be tense for both sides.

Liverpool have a lot to prove. Last season, they lost to underdogs Stoke, which showed that there are flaws in their game. The 6-1 score was an utter embarrassment. Luckily, the first game of the season pits them against the Stoke boys once again. Will the Liverpudlians redeem themselves? We think so.

Aside from that, you should keep your eyes on Newcastle, Villa and West Brom. These teams are sure to bring their ‘A Game’ when the football season begins again.

Trophies and Cups

So, who will take home the trophies this season? Of course, it’s hard to say which of the major football clubs has what it takes. The European Cup is well underway and it doesn’t appear that an English team will win. In fact, right now Barcelona looks set to take the title. The FA Cup will be an interesting battle too this year. With many of the major clubs faltering, it may just be about time for an underdog to snap up the title. Right now, it is anyone’s guess what team will take some of the great trophies.

Now that we are on the brink of the new football season, we can only speculate about what may or may not happen. Only time will tell if we are right!