Your guide to picking the perfect medal

From what’s available and the choices you can make – read on for advice!

After seeing the incredible performance of Team GB at the Olympics, we’ve all got medals on our mind. With a huge variety of medals in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and for a whole span of different sports and competitions, there’s a lot to think about before deciding on what medal to pick to honour an achievement.

The choice of medals has come a long way since the first awarded medal is said to have been recorded in the fourth century BCE when gold buttons were gifted to the king’s kinsmen by Alexander the Great. Other early records of medals are shown in the Roman and Anglo-Saxon era. Clearly, marking a success with a physical medal runs deep our human nature. They are physical symbols of what has been won and attained and they are rarely thrown away.

Medals are gifted after many events and sporting achievements. Like the Olympics, these are sometimes just awarded to those in those top three positions, but in other cases, they are given to everyone who completed the challenge. Synonymous with giving medals to all is long distance sports. After the dedication to hours of training and the effort put in on the day, when they have crossed the finishing line, after that gruesome race, it serves as a memento to the accomplishment that has been achieved.

Starting from just £0.75, or £1.15 for a medal with a ribbon, they are also one of the most cost effective ways of celebrating a success. So, where to start picking your medal – read on for some helpful tips.

Winners medals? Or medals for all?

As well the quantity you would need, deciding whether you are awarding medals for everyone who took part in an event, or just the winners, will impact the design of the medal. Typically, gold, silver and bronze will symbolise the winners medals – and we have a large range on offer. If you’re looking for medals for all, we also have vast collection of medals by sport and price.


Designed to display the medal effectively, and to keep it snug and secure, a medal box is not only practical, but also adds an element of luxury to the award. We’ve got a range of medals which will arrive boxed as standard. Take a look! And we have a selection of additional boxes and other accessories available for those which don’t.

Medals by sport

From rugby, tennis and football, to swimming, hockey and golf – and all that is in-between, we have pre-designed medals for a whole host of different sporting achievements. With imagery of a football or a hockey-stick, recipients are bound to enjoy seeing a representation of their sport on their medal.


What’s better than getting a medal? Getting a medal with your name on! Not just limited to names (even though we would all love that!), you can chose to engrave your medals with anything you want – including the year, or the name of the event – just to offer up a couple of ideas. We can engrave all our medals, so the option of customising is simple.

Bespoke medals

Want to create a medal which is extra special? Here at Challenge Trophies, we can create bespoke medals for all achievements. From the colour, shape, material and size – the medals will be personalised to your taste. Bespoke does not need to be expensive and we have a range of different materials fit for all budgets. Need some creative input? No problem – we offer a free design service and we’re filled with ideas. Get in touch to find out more.

Take a browse of the website and do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any questions. Call us on 020 8722 0250.