How will you replace your daily run if the snow comes? Here are a few creative ideas

Weather conditions are becoming more extreme these days, and they seem to be affecting us more frequently. So, if you’ve woken up and found that it snowed during the night, you may not be in a position to do your morning run. But you still need to come up with ways of keeping fit and exercising. So here are some suggestions you might try for snow sports and activities!

Snow Swimming

As we saw in the news recently, the blizzard on America’s East Coast has led to deep snowfall in many parts of the US. And this has led to people taking up the sport of snow swimming to keep up with their fitness regimes! Snow swimming is exactly what it sounds like – people diving into deep powdery snow in their swimming attire! It seems crazy to even consider such a notion, but this is exactly what people have been doing. Snow swimming is fun and exhilarating, and it’s good for your body as well


One of the most common and popular snow sports in the world is skiing. This is enjoyed globally on a competitive and amateur level. If you are considering taking up a bit of skiing, you’ll need to make sure you have all the right equipment. Skiing is a great way to keep fit and pit your wits against the natural world. You might want to consider slope skiing or ski jumping as there are many different permutations involved in skiing. Think about what interests you the most and what is the most accessible in your area. You could even make it more interesting with the introduction of a trophy!


So you might not be able to go for your morning jog when it has snowed, but you could still go hiking. Indeed hiking in the snow provides great exercise and entertainment. You will need to get some snow shoes to make your trek more pleasant and practical. Get a group of you together and make a decision about where you’re going to go hiking. Think about the most scenic hike you could do that will help you enjoy nature in a different way. Snow can be one of the most beautiful things on the planet, and this is a great way of experiencing it.


Okay, tobogganing isn’t officially a sport, but it’s still a staple of winter activities. Have you ever popped over to the local golf course after heavy snowfall and raced down a hillside in your toboggan? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on some excellent fun. If you have kids, this is probably the most accessible snow-based sport like activity. You can all take it in turns to have a go, and you might want to race one another. Just make sure you have a proper toboggan to use for safety reasons.


Other forms of racing that can take place in the snow are snowmobile races. You can get snowmobiles from different manufacturers, and they are powered by engines. Snowmobiles are pretty fast and powerful – but can also be dangerous if you’re not sensible. Snowmobile racing is massively popular across North America and Canada and in certain parts of Europe. You might be able to get involved in racing events that are happening in the area local to you. This is something you can do as an individual or as part of a team.


For those who feel skiing is too basic and dull, there is always snowboarding! Imagine skateboarding without the wheels and on snow! Snowboarding has a massive global following and is one of the most popular winter sports. You can go on snowboarding trips and holidays and get the full experience. You will need to be careful you don’t injure yourself or anyone else though. Snowboarding is an excellent way of enjoying the snow and helping keep yourself fit at the same time.

Dog Sledding

In places like Alaska and Canada it is common to embark on dog sledding races. These will often include teams or individuals on sleds pulled by a number of husky dogs. These races are hugely competitive, and require great fitness levels. The racing takes place in snowy conditions, and across treacherous terrain. Some of the races are short sprints of around four miles while others are much longer than that.


One of the more unusual winter sports you can try out is curling. This is similar to lawn bowls but played on ice. Players have to slide coloured stones and get them as close to the target area as possible. The other plays on the team will brush and shuffle the ice with brushes to try to affect the movement of the stone. You could play this at a much more basic level if you wanted to.

Ice Hockey

Canada’s national sport is ice hockey, and that makes sense because they are a country with a lot of ice and snow. Of course, you wouldn’t be in a position to play ice hockey outside too often unless you find a frozen lake. The key to ice hockey is how well you can skate, so you should work on this before doing anything else. If you can master the skating side of things, you will find the rest much easier to handle.

Ice Fishing

If you live in a snowy, icy country, you might want to try your hand at a bit of ice fishing. Or, if you’re going on holiday to one such country. In places like Iceland and Norway ice fishing is very popular and common. You’ll fish through holes in the ice and try to catch fish as you would do with regular fishing. This is a great way of experiencing two extreme forms of nature. You will be battling against the cold and harsh conditions, but it’s worth it to finally claim your prize at the end.

Snowball Fight

Okay, so this might not technically be a sport, but it’s certainly a fun activity! Who could possibly resist the draw of a snowball fight after a fresh snowfall?! The best thing about snowball fights is that you don’t need anything to have one apart from snow. And there is no prep work necessary, as they are often impromptu. Make sure you’re sensible and careful if you’re going to have a snowball fight. They are supposed to be fun and exciting, so do what you can to make sure this is the case.

As you can gather from this post, there are plenty of other sports you could take up in the snow besides running. You might feel that it’s the sort of weather that curtails you from being active or keeping fit. But that really isn’t the case, and it’s just a matter of getting creative. Take a look at these ideas, and try to incorporate them into your life in some way. Sport in the snow can actually be really fun and rewarding.