The UK Open – UK Footgolf’s biggest Prize – Our Preview

With just one week to go, the UK Open is fast approaching and the World’s best Footgolfers will be flocking to Oxfords very own Magnolia Park to try and secure the UK’s biggest Footgolfing prize! Not only is the Prize Money so appealing the Worlds best but the Growth of UK Footgolf is attracting the Global Stars to try and quieten our very own!

The UK Open has an added edge for the UK Based Players this year as tour points are so valuable, especially for the Footgolf World Cup which is just around the corner in December. Not only that, the lucky Winner will not only walk away with the prize money but will automatically book their spot on the Plane to Marrakesh to compete in the FIFG Footgolf World Cup representing the UK, which is regarded as Footgolf’s biggest honour.

When and Where:

As mentioned the UK Open takes place at the UK’s best course – Magnolia Park, Oxford. It’s a course which you need a hefty drive for some holes, and intricate play on others. A true test of all Footgolf Skills. Here is the Tournament Schedule:

Why Magnolia Park?

It’s regarded as the UK home of Footgolf. It takes a mix of big hitting, intricate approach play and precise and accurate putting greens giving it the best possible mix for a show of skill and consistency over the 3 days. It’s well kept, picturesque and fits like a glove for such a prestigious event

One’s to Watch:

This is a hard section to write, as pretty much everyone playing is capable of putting together some Brilliant Footgolf, but if there was a Footgolf bookies, here’s who they’d be tipping on form and previous wins!

Pro Tour:

Ben Clarke – UK

Jamie Cullum – UK

Liam Shutes – UK

Matt Morgan – UK

Neil Shave – UK

Mark Scotchford – UK

Tom Spink – UK

Karl May – UK

Craig Galbraith – UK

Nick Iron – UK

Clinton Moore – UK

Marc Cowell – UK

Nico Garcia – ARG

Antonio Balestra – FRA

Tommaso Grandi – ITA

Simon Wetzel – NED

Wesley Van Den Broek – NED

Amateur Tour:

Blake Cavender – UK

Matt Donovan – UK

Shaun Lindsay – UK

Rory Cassidy – UK

Ash Moden – UK

Daniel Wallbanks – UK

Chris Anderson – UK

Ian Cox – UK


Sophie Brown – UK

Natalie Richardson – UK

Claire Williams – UK

Over 45s:

Andy Peck – UK

Gavin Howe – UK

Carlos Boreham – UK

Stu Paisley – UK

Sean Rontree – UK

Mark Eaglestone – UK

Herman Van Eekeres – NED

Derek Mills – UK

Michael Wilkes – NED

(Our very own Neil Seymour will be hoping to get his name in the Over 45 Mix!)

As mentioned, the field is so strong, there will be lots more near the top of the leaderboard, which is what makes this Sport so Great!

Previous Winners:

Here is a list of past Winners of this Great Event!

2017 L Shutes (UK)

2016 M Esposito (Italy)

2015 L Jacot (Switzerland)

2014 D Mancino (Switzerland)

2013 S Wetzel (Holland)

Who do you think will be next in line?!

We here at Challenge Trophies are delighted to be Sponsoring the UK Footgolf Association tour for 2018 and would like to wish all Participants the very best of luck

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