World of Sports Trophies

It’s time to have a little look at what’s been going on in the world of trophies.  I’m not talking about Olympic Medals or US PGA Golf but the real bread and butter trophy world.

Firstly the Worcester News picked up on the story of how the silver cups from the now defunct St Wulstans Agricultural Show have been donated to the Worcester Flower Show for future use.  So this years winners of the Floral, Vegetable and Fruit categories will be getting their green fingers on some lovely new silverware!!  Apparently, the deal clincher was when a Worcester allotment holder ‘tackled some troublesome Japanese Knotweed by the front of the church’.  Let’s face it none of us want to get stricken with a nasty bout of Japanese Knotweed.  Anyway, in the age of recycling it’s good to see these classic silver cups getting put to good use.

Next up was the story from the cricket scene in the South West where the Bristol Pakistanis got their hands on the Bateman Trophy for the first time since 1996.  An achievement made all the more remarkable by the fact that the majority of the squad had been fasting for Ramadan and they had also played a full days cricket the previous day – good effort lads!

The story that caught my eye the most heralded form Middlesbrough’s Gazette.  This told the tale of how the World Parmo Championship Trophy was to be renamed The Mike Featherstone Trophy as a tribute to the recently deceased winner of the inaugural Parmo World Championship.  Mike was obviously a very popular man who ran fish bars in Middlesbrough and was renowned for his Parmo.

Like me, you may be wondering what Parmo is?  After a little bit of research I discovered that it was a chicken or veal cutlet breaded in Parmesan.  It was originated in Middlesbrough and is particularly popular in the North East.  So it seems like the people of Middlesbrough have got the hang of the American habit of calling their local event a ‘World Championship’!!  Maybe next week we’ll get a story on the Peruvian Pan Pipe Playing World Championships!!