World Judo Championships 2015

At the end of the month, we will see the Judo World Championships take place in Astana. Many people will travel to watch the event this year, which is sure to be an exciting tournament. Since Judo is a combat sport, there are many different fights and games to determine the winners.

In the light end, categories include extra-lightweight, half-lightweight, lightweight and half-middleweight. There will also be categories for a middleweight, half-heavyweight and heavyweight. Finally, there is a ‘team’ aspect of the competition, which will see groups competing. This year, there will be 48 countries competing in the contest, which is sure to draw a crowd. While no one is sure who will take the medals home, there is a lot of speculation about the tournament. These games are the highest level of honour for Judo fighters, aside from the Olympics, of course. Let’s take a quick look at the upcoming competition.

The Grand Prix 2014

If we want to get an idea of what might happen at the upcoming games, it is best to take a look at the history of the sport. Last year, many people competed in the Judo Grand Prix. From the results, we can take a look and see what teams we should watch this year.

Fighter, Maxim Rakov, was favourite in last year’s competition. The player has been a big name in the world of Judo for many years now. It is no surprise that this fighter has come so far over the course of that time. Fighting in the 100 kg category, he is famous for his quick thinking and fast movements. Last year, he took home a medal, which is quite an achievement.

French competitor, Alexandre Iddir, is also worth watching since he dominates the sport. In the Grand Prix, he managed to take a silver medal, which is not great. Despite this fact, he has a reputation for being the one to beat. Many people are putting money on this person’s ability this month. At the end of August, the fighter will have to prove that he has what it takes to go all the way.

In the 100 kg category, there is also Dimitri Peters. This fight took bronze at last year’s Grand Prix and knows what it takes to fight fair. For a long time, the Germans have had a great judo, team. Many experts believe that the team will go all the way this year.

Who should you watch?

Well, there are many teams you should watch this year. Japan, Brazil and Nepal have all done well in recent years. It would be no shock if any of these countries took home a load of gold medals this year. It is also worth checking out the German and French fighters that often surprise people in events. There has been much interest in the Kazakhstan team as well. Since these guys are the host nation, they have a natural advantage over the others.

For now, we can only wait and see what happens. Last year’s Grand Prix gives us an idea of which players are strong, but nothing is sure. When the competition starts in just over two weeks, everything could change.