Who are the top medal hopes at the 2015 World Athletics Championships?

In two weeks time, the Athletics World Championships will kick off. The prestigious event is a chance for each country to show off their finest athletes. The last tournament was back in 2013, and now everyone is speculating about what may or may not happen. With a many great events to compete in, there are many opportunities to win some medals along the way. This year, everyone will be watching the sportsmen in Beijing as they battle it out for gold. So, what are our predictions for this event? Let’s take a look at a quick breakdown of what may happen.

Who should you watch?

Well, the United States have always done well in this tournament. Over the course of the games, they have won a massive 138 gold medals. They have also won 88 silver medals and 74 bronze medals. Many experts believe that this team will do anything they can to win prizes at the competition. For a long time, America have known what it takes to produce excellent athletes. It would be no great surprise if these guys took home a whole load of medals at this year’s games.

Aside from the USA, you should also keep an eye out for the Russian team. With an epic 53 gold medals under their belt, this team might just have what it takes to take some of the top prizes. The team now has 71 athletes competing on their side. They recently announced that they would include two triple jump champions in their team. Yes, Lyukman Adams and Ekaterina Koneva will be joining the Russians once again. That means that the Russians are likely to win the triple jump this year. The team has gained 168 medals over the years and know what it takes to be victorious.

The outside competitors, Kenya, have an excellent chance of taking home some medals this year. This year, they will bring champions  Ezekiel Kemboi and Eunice Sum to the games in Beijing. The pair has a history of wins in their field. It would be no great surprise if the Kenyan team took home a great deal of gold or silver medals at this year’s games.

How will the Brits do?

The British team recently announced that Jessica Ennis-Hill will be joining them. The runner is famous for her wealth of trophies and medals. After this girl won a gold medal at the Olympics 2012, all eyes were on her. Her performances have proved that she has what it takes to take the British team far. The team will also see Katarina Johnson-Thompson join them this year. The athlete will compete for the long jump medal. Zharnel Hughes will be competing in the 200m run for the Brits as well. With these high-profile names on board, it looks like we have a few chances to win some medals.
Since the games are about to start, only time will tell what will happen. There are many strong teams in this year’s competition, and so it should be a great tournament.