What do you do with your trophies once you have too many to display? Here are a few ideas!

Sports Trophies

There is no greater thrill in life than the one you get when you win your first trophy. The first moment you touch that shiny cup (or medal), it feels like something magical is happening. If you love winning trophy after trophy, you need to find somewhere to put them all. When you win a grand prize, you want to show it off to the world. That is to say that you need people to see them when they enter your home. The last thing you want or need is to hide them all in a cupboard somewhere. Instead, you should be proud of your vast achievements. After all, you earned those awards, and so you need to bask in the glory of them.

No matter where you live or how large your house is, there is sure to be somewhere great to keep your trophies. If you want to show them off in style, there are many options for you. If you’re struggling to find the perfect place for each of your trophies, never fear! Here are some ideas that might just be ideal for you.

  1. Build custom shelving for them

One of the quirkiest ideas for displaying your trophies is to build some shelving units for them. Much of the time, people think that it is too much effort to do so, but that is not the case. You can make some interesting shelves for almost any award. For example, if you happen to be a tennis pro and have loads of trophies, you can use rackets as shelves. Many people turn these things into original shelve solutions for their walls. Take a look at some tutorials online and see what you can find.

  1. Invest in a display unit

If you are the type of person who has loads and loads of trophies, you need to make sure that you have ample space in which to keep them. So, what should you do? Well, many companies sell display cases for just this situation. If you head to a local furniture shop, you will find that there are often glass units that would be ideal. Remember, it’s always best to get an extra large unit. That way, you will have an incentive to win more and more awards each year.

  1. Use your mantelpiece

Of course, one of the most obvious places you could use to display your trophies is the mantelpiece. If you want people to see the awards as soon as they enter your living room, this idea might just be perfect. All you need to do is make sure that there is a lot of space on the top of your fireplace. That way, you will have loads of room where you can pop all your trophies and awards. Easy!

  1. Put them in a man cave

Do you have a man cave? If you don’t already have one, you might want to make one. Essentially, this room is one in which you can keep all your favourite things from your hobbies. If, for example, you adore golf, you can keep your training equipment, clubs and trophies in this room. All you need to do is convert it so that the room is a sports room. When people come to your home, you can show them your golf room and all your awards. This idea is great if you want to keep all the things in one particular place. Remember, you need to make sure that the room suits your needs. It might take a while to convert, but it will be worth it.

  1. Hang up your medals

If you have loads of medals, you might tend to keep them in drawers. The main problem with that is that no one will ever get a chance to see them. Instead, you should use a wall hanger to hang all your medals up. You can often get a key hanger for walls – they are a strip of wood with several knobs on them. Rather than using this piece for hanging your keys on, you can use it to display your medals. Put the board in a prominent place so that everyone can see your medals when they are in your home.
When you go to all the effort to win trophies and medals, you need to show them to the world. Rather than hiding things in drawers and cupboards, you ought to make sure that they are on display. We hope these ideas help you do just that!