Trophy Held As Hostage

In the world of trophies, stories of cups and trophies that have gone missing, been stolen and then recovered have been commonplace over the years.  However, a first for me was the story of the silver cup in New Zealand that was held as a hostage!!

The cup in question is the King Country Rugby Trophy which was won by Opus Taupo Sports who defeated Waitete to claim the prize in July this year.  In time-honoured rugby fashion, they said they had some ‘fun’ with the cup at their presentation event, only to realise a month later that it had gone missing.

They put out an appeal for help through their Facebook page and then soon received a new friend request from ‘KC Trophy’ with the following picture as the profile pic and the caption ‘I have been taken hostage, await further instructions for my safe return’!!

Then followed a series of clues to the club, including ‘Waitete’s colours are white and blue, they have no trophy but neither do you’.  The captors fun continued with a picture of the trophy with some jump leads attached to it and the clue ‘I have left plenty of clues, but you don’t seem to be trying, we don’t want to see this trophy frying.  10,000 volts will be passing through, if you don’t do better with tomorrows clue’!!

The club still haven’t unraveled the mystery and no doubt the fun will continue for a little while yet.  This isn’t their only incident with this particular trophy, as they lost it in 2002 when it was snatched by streakers who ran off with it down the  main street!!  It was soon returned on that occasion and will presumably find its way home this time too!