Trophies: Glossary of Terms

When you’re ordering your trophies you want the perfect all round experience. We offer a great range of trophies for different sports as well as corporate awards and gifts. When you order our trophies you get a fantastic engraving service and quick delivery. However, sometimes you may be unsure of the different types of engraving, or the exact style of trophy that will suit the purpose of your award. Here we have put together a small glossary of ‘trophy’ terms that will help you to ensure you know what you are talking about, and to ensure you order exactly what you need!




Acrylic – A lighter alternative to glass that is shatter-resistant and available in opaque, transparent or translucent form.

Acrylic Centres – These are the polyurethane resin domed centres that can feature on many of our awards and allow you to style the award to suit your favoured sport.

Centres – the general term for the small domed images that are placed on certain awards, to suit it’s purpose. Can be made of various materials

Colour Printing Service – Similar to general colour printing, the design is printed on the surface of the award using specialist ink and then ‘baked’ in place using ultraviolet light.

Diamond Engraving – A computerised engraving service usually applied to pewter, silver plate, nickel plate or stainless steel metal items. Achieves a high standard in terms of quality and consistency.

Encapsulated – When the engraving is enclosed within the award, rather than on the surface.

Glass and Crystal Engraving – Uses sand blasting to etch artwork onto the surface of crystal and glass awards. A photographic process is undertaken and then applied to the item before using a mixture of compressed air and sand to leave the engraving ‘frosted’ into the surface.

Laser Engraving – Using laser equipment to put the design onto the middle of glass without marking the surface of the award. This type of engraving is used for glass, acrylic or coated metal items.

Piano Finish – A technique for finishing wood, using a number of coats of lacquer to give a glossy shine.

Rosewood – A type of hard wood used to make many awards. Naturally a dark red colour.

Special Centres – These are bespoke centres that can be made to order to feature your organisations badge or logo, or any particular image that you desire. These are available in a minimum quantity of 100 and will promote the identity of your club or organisation.