Top 10 European Distance Running Events (Are you ready for your next challenge?)

Ready for your next big challenge? In Europe, we have a whole load of incredible runs you have to try. Don’t believe us? Check out these distance running events.

  1. Jungfrau Marathon, Switzerland

In September each year, this epic mountain run takes place in Switzerland. If you want to test out your running skills, you have to give this run a shot. The Jungfrau mountains are some of the toughest in the world. It is wise to put in a whole lot of training before you even attempt this run!

  1. BMW Berlin Marathon, Germany

Attracting around 40,000 people every year, the Berlin Marathon is well worth checking out. As you know, Berlin is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Europe. The flat roads make this race a perfect run for beginners. After all, you will not have to combat any massive hills or obstacles along the way. There is often a whole host of live music at this event too!

  1. Sparkasse Marathon, Germany

This run might start in Germany, but along the way, you will run through Switzerland and Austria too. If you want to sightsee along the way, the Sparkasse Marathon might be the perfect event for you to check out. The run takes place in October every year and is an ideal race for any pro runner. Much of the run is on flat and even ground, which means that you can ease yourself into the rhythm of things. You will end your race in the picturesque country of Austria, where you can get a much-deserved beer.

  1. Marathon du Medoc, France

Through vineyards and streets, the Marathon du Medoc is a picturesque run. With around 8,000 people coming to the area each year, the competition is not as popular as other runs. That should not put you off. If you want to explore some of the great French streets and take a run through the country, you will love this one.

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Lisbon, Portugal

Fancy running along the seafront while local bands play some rocking music? Well, then you may want to attempt the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Lisbon. This marathon is a running event with a musical twist, which has made it one of the most popular in the world. Around 30 bands take to the stage while the runners take a coastal route through Lisbon. After you have finished, you can enjoy some live music in the beautiful Lisbon sun. What more could you want?

  1. SSE Dublin Marathon, Ireland

During the Irish October Bank Holiday, there is just one event you need to know about in Dublin. The SSE Marathon is well worth checking out if you are up for a new challenge. The inter-city run is as impressive as it is tiring. Imagine yourself running through the streets of Dublin while fans cheer for you.

  1. Maratona di Roma, Italy

This massive event attracts around 19,000 runners to the Italian capital every year. The Marathon of Rome is quite a challenge, given the uneven state of the ground. That is to say that there are extra obstacles when it comes down to it. Much of the run, takes you along the beautiful Tiber River. The cobbled streets may look cute, but they make for a difficult run.

  1. TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Netherlands

Each year, around 16,000 runners take to the diverse streets of Amsterdam to take part in this epic race. In fact, the race has become famous around the world with many people traveling from out of Europe. Runners start and complete the race at the site of the 1928 Olympic Stadium. That in itself makes it worth their trip. The run is one of the harder ones on this list but attracts many people every time.

  1. Athens Marathon, Greece

In November each year, runners can take part in the Athens Marathon. This event is not for the faint of heart. No, you have to be an expert runner to take part in this hard event. There are many hills and obstacles along the way, which most participants find tricky. Each year, around 13,00 people come to Greece for this run.

  1. Virgin Money London Marathon, England

The London Marathon is the highlight of many runners’ year. Following the River Thames and passing tourist points, such as Big Ben, this run is an epic challenge. Taking place in April each year, the race attracts thousands of people to the capital. In fact, it is one of the most popular running events in the entire world.

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