The Rise in Women’s Sports

Women’s sports have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more women than ever before participating in sports and achieving great success. This surge in popularity is reflected in the growing number of national and international tournaments dedicated exclusively to women’s sports.

Why Women’s Competitive Sport is on the Rise?

There are several reasons for the growing popularity of women’s sports. Firstly, we cannot write this blog without mentioning the Lioness victory at the Euros in 2022. While the general attitude towards women’s sports had been shifting for some time, this achievement really helped with the growth of women’s sport being taken seriously and a growing demand for more coverage of it. Now receiving greater media coverage, more funding, and more recognition from the sporting world, it is easier for women to pursue their athletic goals. Due to this, female athletes are becoming more visible and inspiring a new generation of young girls to participate in sports.

National and International Tournaments for Women’s Sport

Women’s sports have made significant strides in recent years, with many national and international tournaments exclusively dedicated to women’s sports now being covered on mainstream channels. The Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup, the Women’s FA Cup, and the Women’s Football World Cup are just a few examples of major international tournaments that have interest from a large audience.

What to Consider When Getting a Trophy or Medal for Women’s Sport

Selecting the perfect trophy or medal for your women’s sports team requires careful consideration of several factors – and here at Challenge Trophies, we have plenty to choose from. We have a vast range of women-specific trophies across many sports, whether you’re after a football female figurine trophy, a female runner, or a glass plaque with a female golfer. We also have many generic medals and trophies suitable for both genders. In addition to these considerations, you will also want to think about any sport-specific trophy traditions you want to abide by, the appropriate size and shape for the level of competition, personalisation options, and durability/storage requirements. We’re here to help with any questions that you have and to advise on the best trophy for you.