Team Challenge Welcomes Neal Brooker

Following on from Challenge Trophies sponsorship of Frank Buglioni we are delighted to welcome an up and coming squash player to our ranks.

Neal Brooker is a local young man who has only recently turned professional.  He’s currently ranked in the top 370 in the world, and is aspiring to climb the rankings and win some trophies.  He first met Challenge Trophies MD Neil Seymour when he was serving him a takeaway in the local burger bar and those conversations eventually led to the sponsorship.

Similarly to Frank Buglioni, what hits you when you first meet Neal is that he’s very likeable and yet at the same time very driven to succeed.  You can see that he’s very determined and focussed on achieving his goals, but at the same time he is thinking his way through the early steps of his pro career.

Neal will be writing some blogs for us, giving us a fascinating insight into the world of a professional sportsman taking his first steps on his career path. He’ll give us a feel for his struggles to meet the expenses needed to compete and also the work he has to put in to try and climb the rankings.  He’ll also keep us updated with the matches that matter to him.

We welcome Neal to Team Challenge and wish him good luck over the coming years!