Sergio Ramos being courted by Manchester United

With the transfer window about to open, many teams are vying for players from around the world. Over the last few weeks, Manchester United have shown a whole lot of interest in Sergio Ramos. The 29-year-old player has also suggested that he has an interest in moving from his current club, Real Madrid. The Spanish football club did not offer the player an extension on his contract. The current contract will expire in 2017 when he would need to look for a new club. The summer period will be crucial for this player, whose current career hangs in the balance right now.

The defender started his career way back in 2003 when he signed for Sevilla. After spending three long football seasons at the club, the player finally took the leap and moved to Real Madrid. Over the course of his career, he has proved himself to be an extremely valuable player. Playing in many high profile tournaments and enjoying many successes, the young player is strong. After more than ten years in the game, Sergio looks as though he would like to move to a new club and England might just be the place for him. With many transfers taking place this summer, it would not be a huge surprise if Sergio took the plunge.

So, what trophies has Sergio already won in his career? Well, aside from anything else, he played for Spain in the 2010 World Cup. As you might remember, the Spanish team were victorious. That is just one of the player’s success stories, but it is not an isolated instance. Spain also won the European Championship back in 2012, with Sergio on their team. His achievements are interesting when it comes to domestic football as well. His teams have won the Primera División three times and the Copa Del Rey twice. He has also won the Super Cup. With so many trophies under his belt, it is no wonder that the teams out there would want to poach him.

Manchester United have will be putting in a formal bid for the defender. The reported sum they will pay is £28.5 million. Sergio told the team at Real Madrid that he would like to leave the club this summer. There has also been interest in the player from the likes of Manchester City. Despite this fact, it would appear that Sergio is more interested in United than he is in City. According to many media reports, the player would like to play for Manchester United as soon as possible. That is to say that he would leave his current club before his contract with them expires in two years time.

Manchester United finished fourth in the English Premier League this season. They are one of the best teams in the UK. For a long time, they have been famous for their many trophies, which is why they are an attractive team for Sergio. Only time will tell whether the transfer will go through or not. For now, it is unclear what will happen.