School’s Up! (Almost…)

End of Term Awards

And just like that, it is now approaching the end of the term for 1,000s of school children across the UK! What better way to end, what has been a rather turbulent year, than by celebrating and recognising the achievements of the students throughout the last 10 months. As well as being fun, rewarding successes can also give school children a great sense of accomplishment and can encourage future motivation whilst in education.

Awards for the highest marks in exams or specific subjects is the most common way we see school pupils being recognised for their achievements. Naming the awards with more interesting titles such as “Maths Master”, “Super Speller”, “Amazing Artist” and “Writing Wizard” will make the whole ceremony more fun too. Being recognised as one of the top achievers in a subject will only make them more enthusiastic about the topic – and the physical trophy will act as a reminder of how well they did for many years to come.

For those students less academic, there are other ways to award those school-goers other than just through exam successes. It is just as important and motivating to recognise other achievements within the school environment too. Examples of such awards include “Kind Classmate Award”, “Above and Beyond Award”, “Best Manners Award”, “Awesome Attitude Award”, “Hardest Worker Award” and “Perfect Attendance Award”.

As well as the classroom, recognising sporting achievements is another great opportunity to reward performance. There are plenty of sports trophies to pick from, including awards for specific sports and overall awards for PE. Award examples include “Most Improved Player”, “Sporting Superstar”, “Rising Star Award”, “Most Enthusiastic Player”, “Always on Time Award” and “Most Valuable Player”.

Here at Challenge Trophies, we have awards for every school achievement, so take a browse of the website and do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any questions. Call us on 020 8722 0250.