Rugby Union World Cup 2015 – A look at the top teams

With not long until the Rugby Union World Cup kicks off in Twickenham, it’s time to take a look at some of the top teams. Every team is dying to touch the Webb Ellis Cup and be victorious. Only one team can win, though, and the battle is sure to be tough. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most influential teams and the ones to watch.


The Australians have always had a talent for contact sports, and so they always do well. Michael Cheika has taken control of the team, which could mean excellent things for the boys. Over the last few months, it has become quite clear that Israel Folau is a force like no other. His attacks are mind-blowing, which could present an issue for other teams. Back in 2014, the Australian team managed to win a record amount of six Test matches. That is to say that the odds are in their favour right now.


So, does the English team have what it takes to go all the way? Well, we have to say that we hope so. With star players Dylan Hartley and Manu Tuilagi gone, though, things don’t look promising. Despite the loss of these players, there are still some key stars that you ought to watch. One of those stars just so happens to be Tom Youngs. The player has had a great history in the game and is sure to hold the side up. George Ford will be taking control of the team, and so we should expect new techniques aplenty. Will it be enough to win the trophy? Who knows?


Wales are in Pool A (along with England and Australia). That in itself could present a massive issue for the team. Over the last few years, they have lost many excellent players. The team were once one of the strongest in the country, but it seems that their power is fading at the moment. During the first round, they will come up against the formidable Australian team. This turn of fate could mean that they go out of the tournament faster than you might imagine. The last fifteen times they have played the team, they have lost all but one time.


In a way, the Irish are quite lucky. They are in Pool D, which means that they won’t have to face the best teams (Australia and England) until later. That is a blessing for the team that need all the help they can get. They may have won the Six-Nations (twice in a row), but this game is a whole other thing. There is just no doubt that Jonathan Sexton is their star player. If he manages to stay in shape and play well, he could pull the team through to the finals.
So, there you have it – a round-up of the best teams. The tournament is always a tough one, but no one knows who will win. When it kicks off, though, all eyes will be on these key teams.