Rugby Super League Grand Final 2015

On 10th October, two excellent Rugby League teams will battle it out to become victorious. The Super League Grand Final is just around the corner, and every team is after just one thing. Right now, no one knows who will take home the acclaimed cup and who has what it takes to make it. After a long and challenging road, both Leeds and Wigan have a chance to prove themselves. The game will be tense, and so you’d better tune in and watch it for yourself.

Leeds’ strengths

Of course, many people believe that Leeds have what it takes to go all the way and win the trophy this year. One of the main things that they have on their side is a veteran of the sport. Yes, this game will be Jamie Peacock’s last chance to show everyone what he can do. The 37-year-old has had a long and interesting rugby career. Now, in one of his final games, he has a chance to prove himself. Kevin Sinfield, the captain of the team, is also going to play this epic game. The two players have a wealth of experience in the game.

Leeds’ weaknesses

It may surprise you to realise that Leed’s strengths are also weaknesses. The team has experienced players, but are they too old to go for glory? Some people think that both Peacock and Sinfield should have retired some time ago. Of course, as players age, they also become slower than they once were. If this is the case, the two could make the mistake of holding the team back and stopping their success. Of course, this idea is just speculation. Many people wonder if the two have the team’s glory at heart or just theirs.

Wigan’s strengths

The Wigan Warriors have a string of great trophies and titles to their name. Over the years, these guys have proved themselves to be more than capable of winning. Time and time again, Wigan have won games and victories. There is no doubt that this team is ahead of the game when it comes to Rugby League. When the team head to Old Trafford for the game, they will have just one thing on their mind. After beating Huddersfield, the guys should be in high spirits. Tony Clubb is one of their strong and dominant players. There is no doubt that he will lead the game this time.

Wigan’s weaknesses

So, what are the Warriors’ weaknesses? The truth of the matter is that they are over-confident. Over the years, the team has always done well. That means that the boys expect to do better each time they play. Without the training to back them up, though, they may find that they struggle. It is that simple. If they want the trophy, they will need to word hard.

The final result

With both teams talking a big game, no one knows who has what it takes to make it. The Super League Cup is a massive accomplishment. So, who will take it home?