Phallic-shaped trophy for beach volleyball winners

Since its big reveal on Tuesday, this unusual design for the Beach Volleyball Championships held this week in Klagenfurt, Carinthia has been the target for an array of crude jokes via social media.

The award, which is to be rewarded to the triumphant women’s team, has received mixed reviews regarding its phallic structure.  One Facebook user joked, “Is the base a charger, the rod removable, and does it vibrate?” while other users expressed concern over the ill-considered form of the trophy. Stating that, the award was an embarrassment to the sport and not an appropriate way to reward the wining ladies team.

The tournaments press office has yet to comment on whether the rude design was intentionally or unintentionally phallic. However with the mixed reviews and odd design, we’re not sure if it would be a trophy we will be offering our customers in a hurry!