Our Top 10 Distance Running Events from around the World (How extreme can you handle?)

North Pole Marathon

When you are a runner, you can go all over the world. The exciting sport is a great way to meet new people and see new places. Distance running is a real art. When you get it right, you can go for miles and miles. If you want to test yourself, you should try out some of the top distance running events in the world. Take a look at our top ten picks for some inspiration.


  1. North Pole Marathon

Have you ever wanted to explore the mysterious depths of the North Pole? Although this event works out quite costly, it is an experience that you will never forget. You may can’t walk on water, but can you run on ice? Running over frozen ground is a challenge in itself. That is why so many people try to complete this race every year. If you want to push yourself to your limit, you need to try this event. The race takes place each April and places tend to fill up fast!


  1. Swiss Alpine Running Festival

Each July, about 5,000 runners take to this scenic area. The Swiss Alpine Running Festival is a diverse event. It offers an array of different races that you might want to try for yourself. As you run, you will have the gorgeous backdrop of mountains behind you. If you dare to take on the biggest race, the 78K is ready and waiting for you. This event is only for pro runners. Anyone else has no chance. If you want something a little less taxing, you might wish to try the half-marathon. Check out the events online and see which ones appeal to you!


  1. The Boston Marathon

As the world’s oldest yearly marathon, The Boston Marathon is one that you have to try. Since way back in 1897, thousands of people have gathered each year to take part in this urban event. Much of the course takes you down a hill towards the city. You might think that the run is easy because it is not uphill. In reality, though, runners say that the Boston Marathon is one of the hardest races ever. Of course, you have to qualify for the race before you can take part in this event.


  1. Marathon des Sables

In the Morocco, the Marathon des Sables takes you through the heart of the Sahara Desert. This race is one of the craziest challenges in the entire world. Only people who have trained for years and years can take part in this event. One of the hardest things about this run is the fact the environment is so hot. Throughout the race, it is crucial that you hydrate yourself. You have to carry your supplies when you run. That means that you need to take your food and water with you. That extra weight can cause a real problem when you start the event.


  1. The New York Marathon

As one of the greatest distance running events in the world, The New York Marathon is a fantastic run. The course is much longer than the standard 26.2 miles, which means that some runners may find it hard. Throughout the course of the race, participants get to go through five of the major boroughs of New York City. The highlight of this run has to be the Queensboro Bridge crossing. The views of the Big Apple are brilliant. The event takes place each year in November and is one of the highlights of the year.


  1. Athens Marathon

The Athens Marathon attracts thousands of people to Greece every year. The course of the race follows a track that the Greek runner, Pheidippides, once ran. Yes, the race is an ancient one, which is why so many people come to try it every year. The race takes place in November. Despite the fact that the event happens in the winter, Greece still tends to be quite hot. That means that runners have to battle a high amount heat when they take on this race. Aside from that issue, there is also the problem of the many hills that populate Athens.


  1. City to Surf

In Sydney, Australia, one of the most attractive and fun races in the world takes place. The City to Surf race takes its inspiration from a similar event, which takes place in California. When you take on this challenge, you will have the pleasure of running along the seafront. Participants can marvel over the glorious white sands of Bondi Beach as they run through the city. The 14K long course takes you through some of the most scenic places in Sydney.


  1. The Ice Marathon

In the heart of the Antarctica, you will find one of the weirdest races in the world. The name Ice Marathon might conjure a strange image in your mind, but nothing can compare to the reality of it. The single-lap race takes you around a hilly course of ice, snow and other obstacles. Each December, you can join thousands of people to take on this epic race.


  1. The Everest Marathon

If you think you have what it takes, The Everest Marathon is well worth your time. I mean, who wouldn’t find the idea of running down Mount Everest impressive? Each runner starts the race at 17,000 ft above sea level. That in itself is more than enough reason to attract people to Nepal for this event. You get to run down the side of the mountain when you take part in this challenging course.


  1. Great Wall Marathon

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the Great Wall Marathon. If you have a chance to head to China, you can try your hand at this challenge. Every year, runners take part in a course that takes them along China’s most famous icon. Think you have what it takes? Try it to find out.


These races should give you some inspiration when it comes to your running. Why wait? Sign up for your next race and get training!

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