No Claret Jug needed here!!!

Challenge Trophies Directors Neil and Martin Seymour recently took to the picturesque golf course at Leeds Castle.

Whilst they may be happy supplying thousands of golf trophies for events all over the UK and Europe, the kind of golf they produced wouldn’t have won them any trophies!!  Challenge Trophies’ online store has seen a real surge in demand for golf trophies and in particular the nickel plated claret jug.  Produced in a similar style to the Open Golf trophy, the Claret Jug is now one of the best selling items in the nickel plated trophy range.

However, at Leeds Castle the only use for such an item would have been if it was full of claret – the guys needed any assistance they could get as they hacked around in the mud with balls lost in bushes, trees, under leaves and several in the water!!

What has to be said though is for a 9 hole course Leeds Castle has plenty to offer golfers of all abilities!! The course is testing, the scenery is beautiful, and the Challenge boys had an enjoyable but truphy-less round!!

No Claret Jug needed
Neil Seymour and Bernard Leonard at Leeds Castle