New Range of Colour Printed Awards

Challenge Trophies have launched a new range of colour printed awards, following a huge demand for these items in 2014.

In the past, crystal awards were only ever sandblasted or more recently laser engraved, but the ability to add colour to the award has proved to be hugely popular.  Having the award colour printed not only enables customers to reproduce their logo more accurately, but the colour also provides a nice contrast against the clear glass award.

Challenge Trophies have introduced 8 new styles of colour printed awards for 2015 each of them coming in multiple sizes.  These new styles include:

Crystal Teardrop Award

Colour Award
Crystal Teardrop Award with Colour Print

The Crystal Teardrop Award is available in three sizes 22cm, 24.5cm and 28cm and prices range from £29.95 to £44.50

Crystal Block Award

Crsytal Block Award
Colour Printed Crystal Block Award

The Crystal Block Award is a 40mm thick premium square crystal award that measures 10cm by 10cm.  The colour print on the reverse is shown off perfectly by the depth of the crystal block.  The price for this is £35.00

Crystal Circle Award

Crystal and Metal Award
Crystal Circle Award with Colour Print

The range of Crystal Circle Awards have a colour printed crystal circle held securely in a metal holder.  They are available in three sizes 19.5cm, 21.5cm and 23cm.  Prices range from £39.95 to £49.95