New!! Player Performance iPad App

There’s soon to be a new iPad App on the market, that will give grassroots sport the ability to analyse their teams preformance like the professionals.

Our friends at Pass Performance have spent the last 9 months developing an App that will give you statistics on your players’ performance in real time.  It is the first of its kind to achieve this without the use of cameras, and its simplicity will surely make it a big hit.  They wanted Challenge Trophies to help them assess their product, and we were mightily impressed!!

The App has been designed to be used by Coaches, Parents and Schoolteachers – or just about anybody who has an interest in monitoring players’ performance.  It will goive the manager information on which players thrive or crumble in pressure situations or whether a player tires at a certain point of a match.  This information will aid the manager with his squad selection, and add some facts to the ‘Managers Hunch’!!

It will also have a role to play in the development of players.  When players themselves can see where their game drops off, they can take active steps to eradicate that.  The stats will highlights players ability to complete passes and retain possession – something that was so visibly missing from England’s failed Euro 2012 campaign.  Players may start to think more consciously about completing a pass and retaining possession, instead of the big lump down the middle that has been so common in the past.  Who knows, this app in some small way may help change the way we play – it could help create a generation of team players who compete more successfully for trophies!!

There is another real benefit of this App that will work really well in schools.  It can not only create an accurate record of your sporting performance throughout the year, but also serve as a vehicle to help children understand statistics better in the classroom.  It will no doubt be easier for children to learn something when they have a genuine interest in the data.

In the recent testing matches for the London 2012 Olympics, England Hockey coaches rigorously tested the App.  They found it easy to use and were very impressed with the information it gave them about their players.  They, like many others, can’t wait for it to be launched.

The App is set to be launched initially for Football and Hockey, but the feeling is that this can work effectively in all sports.  The App will gradually be rolled out across as many sports as possible.

Take a look at the ‘teaser’ video below:

Pass Performance Teaser Video