How to Choose The Right Trophy for Your Sports team

When it comes to recognising the accomplishments of your sports team’s, a trophy can be a powerful symbol of achievement, and you want to get it right! Here are some factors to consider when selecting a trophy for your sports team.

Sport Specific

Different sports have different traditions and expectations when it comes to trophies. For example, one talks about tennis cups whereas football is largely more associated with trophies. It is therefore wise to consider the sport and what the expectations will be to the receiver when choosing which one to go for.

Level of Competition

The level of competition can influence the type of trophy you choose as it needs to be appropriate for the level of competition that it is for. A local league may have different trophy needs than a national championship tournament.

Size and Shape

Trophies come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from classic cups and trophies to figurines and medals. Before picking your trophy to need to think about what would fit with the spirit and level of achievement of the event.


As well as personalising a trophy with the name of the team, the individual player’s name, or the date of the event, you can take this even further and custom make a trophy or award, exacting to your requirements – from the material, shape, size and colour – the decision is yours.


Trophies can range in price from around £10 to several hundred pounds, depending on the size, material, and potential customisations. Obviously when choosing a trophy, you should look for options that fit within your price range. It’s important to remember that a higher-priced trophy does not necessarily mean the best trophy!

Durability & Storage

When picking your trophy, you need to consider the durability of the material it is made in. If the trophy is likely to be passed around, a glass trophy might not be appropriate as it is might shatter if dropped. Whereas if the award is going to live on display in a public place glass could be a perfect option as you may want to choose a trophy that is visually appealing and, when infrequently handed out has an impressive weight.