Froch to retire?

After knocking out George Groves in front of a record crowd at Wembley, Carl Froch has stated that he is unsure whether he will box again. It would certainly ensure that he retired on a high, and would be forever remembered for a stunning knockout punch in Saturday’s thrilling encounter. He told a radio show the other day that he is “50-50” as to whether he chooses to take this option.

After Saturday’s intense boxing match, he will now take some time off to spend with his family before deciding on his future options. He may prefer to take the opportunity of a homecoming in Nottingham, which would certainly cause great interest in the choice of appointment. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever throw a shot quite as good as the one that dealt the final blow to George Groves last weekend, so it would make sense for him to bow out on a high. On the other hand, the temptation of “just one more round”, and winning more boxing awards, may be too much to reel Froch back in.