Formula 1 USA Grand Prix – 25th October

On 25th October, many of the greatest drivers in the world will come together. Yes, this date is the start of the US Grand Prix 2015. If you have yet to read about the circuit, it’s time to learn a little about it. With some of the biggest stars coming out to play, this Grand Prix is sure to be one of the greatest of the year. So, who has what it takes to reach first place? Who will take home the final trophy? Right now, we can only speculate about what may or may not happen. When the first engine revs, though, this circuit could be anyone’s game.

Team Standings

So, which teams should you know about and who should you watch? Well, the team in the number one spot right now is the ever-victorious Mercedes. The team have 506 points at the moment.  During the Russian Grand Prix, they will have a chance to warm up and get some vital practice before the US games. Of course, they are not the only team to have a healthy lead at this point. You should also watch out for the likes of Ferrari. They are coming up a close second in the leader board, and may just have what it takes. All the teams want is one of their drivers to lift that trophy at the end of the races. So, who will do it?

Driver Standings

It will come as no real surprise that top of the leader board is none other than Lewis Hamilton. The driver is always a favourite when it comes to the races, and so many people believe that he will take his team all the way. In the second place, there is Nico Rosberg, who always comes close to Hamilton. Both drivers are in the Mercedes team, and so will need to work together to win. Of course, we can’t ignore one other driver. Yes, Sebastian Vettel, is a close third when it comes to the board. Driving for the Ferrari team, Vettel is another one to watch. You ought to pay close attention to him at all times.

Circuit of The Americas

The officials opened the Circuit of the Americas back in 2012. Since then, it has become one of the most famous courses around the world. The course consists of twenty turns, which means that it can present a tricky race for the drivers. In the past, many drivers have found this circuit difficult to complete. There is no doubt that it is a hard course. When the designers created this course, they took their inspiration from many others. That means that the circuit combines many aspects from others in the world.


So, who will take the cups and trophies? Well, right now, people believe that Hamilton will be victorious once again. Over the last few years, he has proved himself to be more than capable of winning time and time again. Aside from his ego, he is a worthy driver and should make it.