Football Trophies – How to Pick the Perfect Awards for Your Club, League or Event

Football Awards Ideas

Presenting football players with awards can be a brilliant way of marking their achievements and inspiring them to put in great performances time and time again

Whether you’re running a school football team, a local club or league, or a one-off tournament, you’ll need to buy football trophies. So what should you be looking for?

Rewarding Team and Individual Success – Types of Football Award

When shopping for your football event, you’ll need to decide how many awards you want to buy and what you’ll be giving them out for. You’ll find everything from men’s, women’s and children’s football awards to trophies designed to mark specific achievements on the market.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, or you’re worried about leaving someone out, here’s a quick run-down of potential categories to consider:

Football Team Awards Ideas

Every tournament or league organiser should have an impressive-looking trophy on hand to present to the captain of the winning squad. A gleaming nickel-plated presentation cup always makes a fantastic choice for the champions, while silver salvers and contemporary glass trophies are also popular options.

Team trophies can be given to runners-up and category winners, as well as the overall victors. You can also present a trophy to the team that displays the most sportsmanship, or give title-winning squad members individual football medals or their own miniature versions of the team award.

Individual Football Trophies

Recognising individual prowess in football isn’t just about patting your star striker on the back every time he or she scores. Here are some award category ideas you could include in your presentation ceremony:

The Golden Boot

Usually awarded to a football league or tournament’s top goal scorer, the Golden Boot trophy could also be presented to a club or team’s highest scoring player of the year.

The Man – or Woman – of the Match

Presented to the player who makes the biggest impact in a single game, this award can be won by goalies, defenders, mid-fielders and strikers alike. You can find our range here.

Manager’s Player

This football award is given to the manager’s player of a tournament or the year, making it a great option for anyone wanting to incentivise members of his or her squad to put in consistently good performances.

Parent’s Player

A superb prize option for children’s football clubs or tournaments, this award is voted for by the parents of the team members, so good behaviour and sportsmanship are likely to be equally important factors as sporting prowess.

Players’ Player

Adding a Players’ Player trophy to your club or tournament’s awards list is an excellent way of encouraging teamwork and generosity on the pitch. Players vote for each other, so this trophy is likely to mean a lot to the winner.

Fair Play Award

Designed to reward footballers for demonstrating respect and sportsmanship, both on and off the pitch, Fair Play Awards can be given to one or more players at your football event or awards ceremony. Tournament and league organisers could opt to present team Fair Play awards too.

Player of the Year or Tournament

The Player of the Year or Tournament title is likely to be a hard-fought one and the winner will want to take a stylish cup or trophy home.

The Golden Gloves Award

A Golden Gloves award can be presented to the keeper with the best record in a tournament or league to ensure that goalies get the credit they deserve.

Most Improved Player Award

Ideal for use by clubs or school teams looking to promote the idea that perseverance breeds success, this football trophy can be given to the player who has developed their skills the most during the season.

Referee’s Award

It’s not just squad members who deserve to get recognition – the hard-working men and women in black should get some too. Presenting each member of your refereeing team with an award is the perfect way of thanking them for their contributions. We offer a range of referee and match official awards here.

Referee’s Assistant’s Award

You can’t run a successful football tournament without a team of assistant referees, so ensuring they’re rewarded is a must. Show your appreciation by presenting them with their own trophies or medals.

Clubman Award

A Clubman Award is presented to the person who has made the biggest contribution to a club. This could be a player, the manager, a coach, the groundsman or even the person who makes the tea. Whoever you award one to, they’ll be thrilled to have their efforts recognised.

Fantasy Football Awards

It’s not just active sportsmen and women who love awards. Fantasy football team managers enjoy receiving silverware too. With so many affordable trophies available, league organisers can present awards to the highest points’ scorers’ of the week, the manager of the month or the ultimate title winners. Take a look at our range here.

Football Awards Ideas – Taking Style and Cost into Account

Football trophies and awards come in many styles and sizes, so you’ll find plenty to choose from. We stock awards made from glass, marble, resin, wood and more, as well as silverware, so you can opt for something traditional or a trophy with contemporary style.

If money’s an issue, perhaps you could ask local businesses to sponsor your awards? Alternatively, you could select trophies that come in different size options, and present larger versions to category-winners and smaller ones to runners-up. Look out for our budget options too!

Add a Personal Touch to Your Football Awards

There’s something extra-special about receiving a personalised award, whether it features your name or details of your achievements. All the high-quality awards available in our store can be engraved – and the process is simple and cost-effective.


Our full range of football trophies and awards can be found here.


Are you a football club manager or tournament organiser? Share your top tips for choosing football awards below.