England’s Lionesses Close To World Cup Glory

After their recent success against the Canadians, the ladies of British football are doing well. For the first time, this team have reached the Semi Finals of the Women’s World Cup. It would now appear that the team have their sights set on lifting the trophy. Manager, Mark Sampson, glowed with pride after his club’s win in Vancouver on Sunday. While, for a long time, women’s football has taken second place to men’s, the hint of success may change that. Now, people are paying attention to women’s football. If the ladies do well in the next two games, it could mean incredible things for them. After all, a World Cup win would change the way we see female footballers here in Britain.

So, what happened with the Canada v England game on Sunday? The truth of the matter is that many people expected England to fail at this stage. After all, Canada were on home turf; giving them an advantage over us Brits. Despite this fact, the ladies were victorious. Both Jodie Taylor and Lucy Bronze scored epic goals for the team, which lead them to victory. With a massive 54,000 fans watching the game in the stadium, the pressure was on the women’s team to show the world what they can do. Lucy Bronze is no doubt the star of the team. For a long time, she has built a career in the ladies’ teams, proving that she has what it takes to go far.

Despite the fact that the girls are now in the Semi Finals, it is certain to be a tricky feat. On Wednesday, they have to play Japan. As it stands, the Japanese currently hold the world champion title, which means that they will be a formidable force. Nadeshiko Japan is world famous for their football skills. In the female leagues, they tend to dominate, which means that it will be hard for the British ladies. Many people have speculated about what will happen when the girls play their next match. After all, with success so close, it would seem such a shame for our team to lose out now. Still, most people think that Japan are the favourites to win this year’s tournament.

After winning the Women’s World Cup back in 2011, the Japanese team are high on their victory. Since then, they have had four years to perfect their game. Before their big win, they only ever made it to the group stages of the tournament, though, which may serve as some form of comfort. Wednesday’s match should be interesting to say the least. Especially, given that there has been a lot of coverage of each of the teams in the last few days.

The US beat Germany in the first Semi Final, meaning that only three teams remain.  There is no doubt about the fact that the US have a strong team. In America, women’s football has much more funding than it does here in the UK.  Who will win? Only time will tell.