England v Australia in the Rugby World Cup. Key players to watch

England v Australia Rugby

When the Rugby World Cup kicks off, all eyes will be on the Australian and English teams. Over the years, these two teams have made names for themselves in the game. It is clear to see that both sides have super strong teams. That means that the two have an even shot of getting their hands on the trophy at the end of the games. When the pair come head to head, though, who will be victorious?

Michael Cheika to lead Australia

Michael Cheika is the name on everyone’s lips this year, and you can see why. The team have not won a Rugby World Cup title since way back in 1999. Cheika knows that the team will have to prepare well if they are going to make it. Aside from that, it is obvious that the team have had many other victories in recent years. Cheika is famous for his extreme tactics and forceful teams. That means that the team might just have what it takes to go all the way.

Australia’s key players

So, who are the key plays for the Wallabies? Israel Folau is one of the men that you ought to watch. This guy has had a short history with the team, yet still knows what he’s doing. You should also keep an eye on David Pocock. This man is now one of the greatest players in the world and has achieved many things in his career. Let’s not forget the massive man that is Will Skelton. Weighing a huge 140kg, this guy is a force if ever we saw one. You will need to make sure that you watch these players once the main game starts.

Stuart Lancaster confident

So, what about the English team? Well, Stuart Lancaster has already said that he is confident the boys can make it. After losing a lot of players over the last couple of weeks, it would seem that the team are missing some key people. When Stuart took over the team, it was a mess. After the 2011 tournament, there was not much left of the English team. Over the last four years, though, he has worked hard to bring the team back from the edge.

England’s key players

When the games start, there are some players you should know. In the back row, Tom Wood and Ben Morgan are sure to hold things steady. Aside from them, you also need to look out for the likes of Alex Goode and David Wilson. At the moment, though, the English team is not at its peak. The players here are good, but are they good enough? It seems that the stripped back team is less than perfect.

Past victories

So, what about the past successes of each club? Well, the English have won the trophy most recently. Back in 2003, the team won a battle against the Australian team. That win meant that they were champions. Can they do the same again? Each team wants to take home the trophy cup, but there can be only one winner.