Duplicate Trophy Made to Hedge Bets

As it approaches crunch time in the RBS Six nations, a replica of the original trophy has been made ahead of Saturday’s games due to the uncertainty of who is likely to finish top. The original trophy will be located in other Paris or Rome, with the duplicate being held at the other destination – ensuring that whether it is France, Ireland or England who finish top of the pile, they will be able to lift the cup and celebrate.

With all 3 in the mix as they go into Saturday’s matches, all with identical records of 3 wins in 4 games, there is the possibility that any of the 3 teams could be crowned champions come the end of the day. England will play Italy ahead of the of the crucial game between France and Ireland so if England pick up a win they will be left hanging on to see whether they will be lifting the trophy.

It has been stated that in the past they have tried to hold the trophy between two venues, taking a risk that they will be get it to the correct winners on time. But this year, with the teams involved and the timing of the games, it could swing either way too late on, and this is too much of a gamble for the organisers.

They have also defended their decision to stick with the staggering of matches on Saturday, despite the opinion that this could give an advantage to the later game; as they will know what they need to do to clinch the trophy.

Saturday could produce many surprises in the tournament, but whether it’s the replica or the real thing, we hope that England will be lifting that trophy come the evening.