Conclusion of the Cricket County Championship 2015

With the Cricket County Championships about to draw to a close, there is much to discuss. Many people are speculating about who will make it and who will fall short of the mark. This year’s games have been more exciting than ever. Some county teams have failed to muster enough promise to do anything impressive at all. Despite that, there are a couple of strong candidates who have managed to stay forceful. Before we know it, the tournament will be over once again, and only one team will get to take home the trophy. So, what do we already know so far?

Promotion: Surrey

Surrey peaked early in the tournament, which meant that they were ready for a promotion. The team beat Derbyshire in the first few games. It was sad to see the Derbyshire team fall low. Throughout the competition, they have struggled to stay afloat. That is to say that something needs to change if the team is to survive much longer than it has. Surrey, on the other side of things, is better than ever. Zafar Ansari is one of the star players for the team. Over the last few years, he has proved himself to be key to Surrey’s strategy.

Promotion: Lancashire

While Surrey stormed ahead, it’s fair to say that Lancashire was a little behind for most of the games. After drawing with competitors Kent, it seemed as though it was all over for these boys. Somehow, they managed to change their luck. Still, the team is up for promotion, which means great things for the Red Roses. Next year, there will be an infamous war of the roses match against defenders Yorkshire. While the Lancashire boys may not have rushed to victory this time, they show potential. Who knows what they can do next time?

Middlesex holding high

The main team that is challenging Yorkshire’s trophy is Middlesex. Over the course of the games, these boys have played a fantastic game. While the team has shown no desire to take the top spot in the past, this year changed everything. Middlesex were victorious against the likes of Warwickshire, proving that they are powerful. Will they take home the trophy this year? Well, we think that it is a little unlikely. In reality, there is one team that is miles ahead of the rest.

Yorkshire to secure title

So, who do we think will secure the title and trophy? Well, the answer is simple. Yorkshire has brought a strong game for the entire competition. It is unlikely now that we will see the team falter. After gaining their ninth win of the season, the team has managed to keep things going well. It would appear that they are about to take home the trophy once again. If you haven’t put a bet on yet, it’s time to do so.

With just a few days until the end of the games, there’s still everything to lose. Everyone wants to take home the trophy, but only one county will do it!

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