Can you feel the excitement? The 2015 EuroHockey Championships open in London today!

The EuroHockey Championship taking place in England 21-30 August 2015. With that in mind, we thought it was about time we took a quick look at the competition. The games will take place at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The sports centre was once a host venue for the 2012 Olympics, and so is an excellent place to hold the tournament.

Organised by the EHF, the competition is a chance for players from around Europe to show us what they’ve got. If you can’t make it down to London, don’t worry. This year, the BBC will be broadcasting the entire event live. That means that you can keep up with all the hockey action as it happens. That means that you will never miss a thing, and you don’t even need to leave your home.

Players to watch

So, who are the players you ought to be watching this year? Well, when it comes to the women’s games, there is just one name you need to know – Emily Maguire. As part of the Scottish team, Emily is a force to reckon with and is sure to put on a grand show. The 2012 Olympian is one of the best British hockey players we have seen in recent years. The team hope she can take them all the way with her unique style of hockey.

The Netherlands also have a trick up their sleeves and her name is Maartje Paumen. This impressive team captain is famous for her drag-flicking skills. Another great drag-flicker, though, is Spain’s Lola Riera. Lola has a history of wins and is sure to put up an epic fight this year. The English team have Alex Danson attacking as well, which should mean that we’re in with a chance.

The men’s lineup doesn’t look half bad either, with many exceptional players. The players that are turning out for this year’s event have great talents. Of course, here in Britain, we will be watching out for Barry Middleton – the English captain. Can he take the boys all the way? Well, we hope so!

Who will win?

When it comes to the men’s competition, Germany is the team to beat this year. In recent years, they have become one of the finest teams in the world. Having said that, Spain have won the title two times before now, and so have an excellent chance to grab a third title. Of course, we would love to see England win the title. With any luck, our top players, Ashley Jackson and Nick Catlin, will help us take the gold.

The ladies’ games are quite a different deal. The Germans still hold the title in this competition, and so they are the ones to watch. Italy recently won the 2013 Championship II division. While they are quite new to this type of success, it could be a sign of things to come. ​For now, no one knows who will get to take home the EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy.