Biggest Sporting Trophies: A Collection

Most trophy presentations involve the winners lifting it above their head in celebration. However, this isn’t always possible with some of the world’s biggest sporting trophies.

1. Costa Del Sol Trophy

Not one of the most well-known trophies but certainly one of the biggest. A pre-season friendly competition held by Malaga CF in which Everton narrowly missed out in 2012, although Phil Neville may have been happy as he didn’t have to break his back to hold his runners up trophy. The Costa Del Sol trophy itself is shown below to need 2 people at least to carry it along.

2. Borg Warner Trophy

The Borg Warner trophy is a speedway trophy given to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. It is a large, multi-tiered trophy that boasts a huge number of winners names on it, and costs in excess of $1.3 million. With it being 5ft 4in in height, it’s not unusual for it to be taller than the occasional driver.

3. World Boxing Association Flyweight Champion Trophy

This thin but extremely tall trophy has a host of tiers, and it’s a good job that you have to be a flyweight champion to lift it as it is ridiculously big. This is awarded to the World Boxing Association champion in the flyweight division, with Juan Francisco Estrada being the most recent winner.

4. Franz Beckenbauer Cup

Franz Beckenbauer was huge in German football, so the originators of the Franz Beckenbaur Cup went with a trophy just as big. Bayern Munich host this pre-season tournament annually, but have never won this standout trophy themselves, although there probably isn’t room in their trophy cabinet for it.

5. Emporers Cup

Awarded to the champion of the 15-day Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan, the Emporers Cup is a struggle for some of wrestlers to lift, and that’s saying something! As wide as it is large, it would be hard for this trophy cup to go missing.

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