5 “Unique” (Strange Looking) Trophies

  1. Nashville Superspeedway Trophy –

This motor racing complex in Tennessee is now closed to competitive events but when the Nashville Superspeedway was hosted, the winner would receive the Sam Bass custom painted Gibson guitar trophy. Not only is the trophy striking in appearance, but in 2009 winner Kyle Busch celebrated his victory by smashing the trophy 3 times in the Victory Lane concrete – and it didn’t even shatter!

  1. 84 Lumber Trophy

When Jason Gore won the PGA Tour’s 84 Lumbar Classic in 2005, I’m not sure he would have been so impressed with the trophy, and even less so when it was pointed out that there was a slight resemblance between the figure and himself! The rather rounded bird figure is almost as bad as the name of the tournament.

  1. Army National Guard Combative

The trophy for 3rd place of the Army National Guard Combative Championships takes “suggestive trophies” to an entirely new level. When you see this trophy it hardly makes you think of military combatives, if anything quite the opposite. We’re not quite sure what you had to do to get this trophy, and maybe we don’t want to know, but it would be interesting to see what the winners of 1st place received!

  1. Mutua Madrid Open

Right, now there’s going a bit OTT, and then there’s the trophy for the Mutua Madrid Open. The winner of the competition is awarded with this huge award made from gold and diamonds, all very nice but there’s something quite daunting about the design, which also can make the winner look relatively less manly!

  1. ATP Acapulco

Yes that’s right. You can see David Ferrer kissing a pear.  This extremely eye-catching trophy appears to have nothing to do with tennis whatsoever, unless there is some reference to pear that we are missing.  It’s also a fairly ugly trophy to display in the cabinet. But don’t worry, they don’t just get the pear trophy, they also get a sombrero, just what they wanted!