The 10 Most Iconic Trophies

Here at Challenge Trophies we’ve put together a list of what we believe are the 10 most iconic trophies in sports. Let us know if you think there’s one that we’ve missed!

Olympic Medals

A recognition that covers a multitude of sports including athletics, swimming, gymnastics, and many more, and truly shows that you are the best in your sport. These are a priceless award and one that athletes work for 4 years to receive. Much smaller than any cup or trophy, but to the winners these are a lot more special.

Yellow Jersey

Not your standardised trophy, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful to the top cyclists of the world. Wearing this jersey means that you have come out on top after three weeks of pedalling through mountains and valleys in France.

UEFA Champions League

Crowning the European Champions in football, this impressive trophy is awarded each year to signal the winners of the Champions League. UEFA obtains the original trophy constantly, but any team that wins the cup 3 years in a row, or 5 years overall, is able to retain a full-size replica of the trophy that represents the best team in Europe.

Ryder Cup

The famous golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States which is contested every two years, with the winners earning the right to lift this trophy. The Ryder cup is named after a businessman who donated the trophy, and certainly looks very impressive at the celebrations.

Wimbledon Trophy

There may be various tennis open’s across the world each year, but there’s no doubting that Wimbledon is the one that they all want to win over any others. It is one of the oldest sporting events around, and contains a very unique design with a pineapple sitting on the top, symbolising a high social status. With Andy Murray becoming the first British man to win the trophy in over 70 years this summer, he will possibly treasure it more than any previous winners.

FIFA World Cup

The striking, golden trophy is awarded to the best football team in the world, a.k.a. the winners of the World Cup, every 4 years. Spain are the current holders of this special award, which shows two figures holding the earth up the air. It is the pinnacle of international football, and something that every captain dreams of winning within their career.

Stanley Cup

The championship trophy which is awarded each year to the National Hockey League Play-Off Winners. The history of the trophy is as huge as the cup itself, and has been passed on for over 105 years. It is every NHL player’s dream to hoist that cup in the air.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

The trophy that all American footballers work towards, with the Vince Lombardi being the reward for a Super Bowl victory.  A very iconic looking trophy made by Tiffany & Co, named in memory of a past footballer, with a football on the top of the column and the engraving of the winners and the score. Every fan wants to see their team celebrating with this trophy on the Wembley pitch.

Webb Ellis Cup

The rugby world cup is the elite competition in men’s rugby, with the Webb Ellis cup being the reward for the winning team. William Webb Ellis is said to have invented rugby, and his memory lives on with this cup, signifying the best rugby team in the world.

Green Jacket

Like the yellow jersey, it may not be a trophy but the green jacket has become something even more iconic. One of the most famous representations in golf, the green jacket is worn by the Masters champion.  The reigning champion will physically pass it on to the new winner each year.