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Referees and football officials trophies to buy online

Football referees and officials are just as important to a match as the footballers. Challenge Trophies Online helps you celebrate their contribution with a range of referees and officials trophies.

Engraving is optional and easy to order thanks to our professional online ordering service. Just enter the required details in the area given for personalisation.

A choice of awards for all occasions

We have a wide range of trophy options for referees and an impressive collection for other football officials too. Enamel medals are available for the referee and referee’s assistant. These can be purchased with or without a display case. Football referee trophies are available alongside other awards, figures and even glass tankards.

Celebrate the people who make sure every game goes according to plan. Choose your desired trophy or award and buy them individually or in higher numbers. We can handle all sizes of orders. Our online ordering procedure makes it easy for you to enter different details for each award you require.

Many trophies are made from gold resin, ensuring a long-lasting professional finish. You can also opt for a cream and silver award or a gold referee trophy. The glass tankards can also be engraved. They come complete with a stunning presentation case.

Simple ordering process

It couldn’t be easier to order your trophies before, during or after a football season. We can handle urgent orders as we deliver everything as quickly as possible. Get in touch for more information if you have a rush order you need to fill. Make sure the referees and their assistants and other officials get the recognition they deserve today. Challenge Trophies Online can provide the top quality bespoke footballing awards you are looking for.