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Childrens Football trophies, medals & awards

Kids’ football trophies are a great way to recognise budding footballers at a young age. From a football medal to trophy cups and gold resin awards, Challenge Trophies Online provides over a dozen options to choose from.

Individual engraving for a personalised award

Our in-house engraving team ensures there is no delay in dispatching your personalised order. We can handle individual orders as well as orders for multiple items requiring individually-engraved messages and details. Our professional online ordering process ensures fast and easy ordering over a secure connection. Enter your personalised details for each item in the space provided.

Variety of designs to suit all needs

Designs for our football trophies for kids let you pick the most appropriate design each time. Silver and gold trophy cups provide a modern touch. A range of gold resin awards and scroll awards are also available. Each one has an engraving plate at the bottom to accommodate your chosen message or name. Designs include footballs, football shirts and a figurine kicking a ball. You can order a separate design for each award if you are planning on recognising several players.

Recognising talent at a young age helps foster it for the future. Award a budding young player with a novelty football trophy or a scroll award in one of several colours. These awards are built to last and are made from high-quality materials. A comic football trophy may suit the younger kids while the golden wreath and boot award would suit older children.

Challenge Trophies Online aims to dispatch all orders swiftly to ensure you get your chosen football trophies when you need them. The ordering process is easy regardless of how many trophies you need. Personalised footballing awards for children can start a lifetime of passion for the sport. They may even turn someone into a professional player if they inspire them to do even better.