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Irish Dancing Trophies – Get Set for Your Event By Buying Low-Cost Awards

Making sure you’ve got enough awards for the performers of outstanding jigs or reels is simple when you stock up on Irish dancing trophies from our easy-to-navigate online store. Whether you’re organising a feis, an oireachtas or a ceili, we’ve got all prizes that you need.

Easy to Order Awards for Talented Dancers

Give the contenders at your next competition something to aim for when they don their ghillies: fill your presentation table with our stunning trophies and awards. You could opt to purchase jade glass shields, wooden plaques, gold trophy cups or coloured column awards for your champions, as well as medals for your winners and your runners-up. We also sell trophies in a range of sizes, so you can find items to suit all of your award categories.

Our Irish dancing awards are affordable enough for use at all types of competition and event, and we can deliver your chosen products to locations within the UK mainland and the Republic of Ireland. You can place your order with just a few clicks and we’ll process it rapidly.

Individualise Your Irish Dancing Awards

Transforming your awards into bespoke competition prizes is a simple and cost-effective process too. You can pick central images to use on many of our trophies from an impressive array of options to make them even more appropriate for your event and, for an additional charge, you can ask our specialists to engrave them with inscriptions of your choice.

All you need to do is let us know how you’d like us to customise each trophy or medal when you complete our online form – it’s as simple as can be. However, if you need any help selecting or ordering awards for your dancing event, our helpful staff will be happy to advise you if you contact them at or on 020 8722 0250.