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Medals Clearance – Brilliant Options for Buyers on a Budget

Everyone loves a special offer, including sports tournament and awards ceremony planners. Luckily, our clearance section is packed with economy medals so you can make sure that every winner and runner-up at your event goes home happy without you having to break the bank.

Make the Most of Your Money With Our Economy Medals

We know that getting everything you need for an awards ceremony or sports event can be tricky if you’re on a tight budget, and many clubs and organisations don’t have much cash to spare. That’s why we always try to ensure that all the items we sell are as affordable as possible. However, if you’re looking for a real bargain, just check out our clearance range.

Whether you need standard or boxed medals, or medals with ribbons attached, you could find what you want at a fraction of the cost you’d expect, leaving you more money in the kitty for your next event. Shopping in our discount section is the perfect way to get the awards you need at a discount without sacrificing quality.

Purchase Personalised Awards for Less

When you buy medals from our clearance section, you can still tailor your order to meet your specific needs. Not only will you still be able to pick a central image from an array of options for appropriate products in our range, you can opt to have your items engraved with whatever message you choose as well just by paying a little extra.

You’ll also benefit from the same high standards of customer service that you’d receive when ordering anything else from our company and we’ll make sure your awards are delivered to you promptly too. The only difference between buying them from the other sections of our store and this one is that you’ll be getting them at an even lower price. For more information about any of the items on sale in this section, however, call 020 8722 0250.