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Annual shield awards

Recognising annual achievements is a great way to motivate and inspire. Challenge Trophies Online is dedicated to making this easy for you to do. Take a closer look at our impressive range of trophy shields to commemorate all manner of different achievements. From rectangular and budget shields to traditional award shield trophies, we have a great range to choose from.

Your chosen trophy shield can be made in a variety of sizes. Each one has a different number of mini shield plaques that can be engraved. Thus you can choose the best size and number of areas to receive personalised details to suit your needs.

A shield trophy works in so many situations. It can recognise the individual members of a winning team. It could mark a successful fantasy football team and highlight the winning team member in the middle. Ordering a single shield (or even more than one) is easy. Simply select how many areas you wish to have engraved as per the item page. Some items will also offer the chance to add a centre image for free. Choose from one of our stock images that are relevant to the shield.

Easy and Secure ordering process

You can order with total confidence on our website too. It’s safe and secure and it takes mere moments to enter all the relevant details to complete your order. Mark a special occasion, an annual awards ceremony or something else entirely with our annual shield awards. With a variety of sizes and types to choose from, you can get your award sent to your chosen address very quickly indeed.

With so many reasons to use one of these plaques, from sporting events to friendly office games, it makes sense to order from the experts today.