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Snooker Trophies to Buy Online

Great quality, low-priced snooker trophies are available from Challenge Trophies. If you want to reward a snooker champion, make a presentation for a beloved snooker club member, or simply wish to commemorate a tournament, Challenge Trophies will be able to help. We have a fantastic range of fully customisable snooker trophies, ranging from simple plaques and medals to more avant garde figurines and cups. We do not compromise on quality at all, but endeavour to keep prices low for our customers. The result is a range of brilliant snooker trophies which are sure to fulfil your requirements perfectly.

Engraving trophies is very important, as it allows people to see at a glance just what the trophy is for, and to whom it has been awarded. Our simple ordering process allows customers to input detailed engraving instructions with ease. Our engravers will then endeavour to follow these to the absolute letter. We have access to the very best quality engraving facilities, which allow us to cut clear, clean, and precise letters which will remain easily legible for decades to come. All of our snooker trophies and medals have a space which can be used for engraving should customers so wish.

We are capable of and happy to process orders of any size. Whether you want just one small medal or a batch of large trophies, we will be happy to provide. All orders are treated with the same amount of care and attention, no matter their size or their cost! We are a friendly, family-run business, and we want our customers to have the best experience of working with us that they can. Should you have any issues or queries, please do get in touch.