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Buy Equestrian Trophies Online Today

Equestrian trophies are ideal for all horse-related events. From horse racing to dressage and gymkhanas, every equestrian event can be marked with the appropriate reward.

Challenge Trophies Online provides a professional and high-quality range of cups, shields, trophies and other memorable awards. We provide bespoke awards for young riders and experienced professionals. Our range starts with low prices and encompasses a wide variety of excellent options.

Personalised awards for your event

Choose a figurine for show jumping or other equestrian events. Alternatively we have cups and trophies in a variety of finishes and colours. Each one has a space for engraving to be included if required. You will pay only a small additional charge for this. Tick the box on the item page if it is required. You can add the specifics later or at the time you request each item.

Our horse trophies are ideal for all sizes of budgets. We also cater for small orders through to very large ones. Choose and order one horse trophy to recognise a special rider. Alternatively, order dozens of horse awards to ensure everyone is awarded when young riders are competing. First, second and third place awards can also be ordered, alongside ones for specific recognition purposes or events.

A selection to suit any event or occasion

Our bespoke equestrian trophy collection means you can invest in awards no one else will have. The more expensive awards include decanters, crystal glasses and an annual equestrian shield. Many trophies and cups have a choice of centre image, all relevant to the sport. In some cases you have three or more award size options to select from as well. This further allows you to personalise your choice of horse award.

The Challenge Trophies Online website is designed for ease of ordering. Make sure you make the best of the site now. We are waiting to complete and despatch your order.