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Buy Badminton Trophies Online Today

Badminton trophies can make a significant difference to the success of a competition or event. Make sure whatever you have planned is remembered by purchasing the best badminton awards from our collection.

Large choice of colours and trophy designs

Challenge Trophies Online has several dozen awards to choose from. A variety of materials have been chosen for the awards, including nickel-plated finishes, gold and silver finishes and wooden shields. You can even reward the best badminton player with a traditional English pewter tankard if you wish.

Each award is easy to select and order. A number of them are available in a variety of sizes. Once you have chosen your size, and any free centre image you require if applicable, you can opt to have your award with or without engraving. Personalisation is easy to add – our professional ordering service makes it simple.

Many awards feature the figure of an individual playing badminton, a shuttlecock or another relevant image. Each has a space or plaque for adding the personalised details. When ordering, add the specific details for each item where indicated. There is a nominal additional charge for each item that requires personalisation. Tick the appropriate box when ordering each badminton trophy.

Reliable service for all your requirements

Challenge Trophies Online has experience in providing a wide range of sporting trophies. We can therefore handle orders both large and small. Do you need a single memorable gift for someone special in your badminton team? Is one of the organisers of the team retiring? Perhaps you need first, second and third-placed awards for your next event. Whatever you need, we can provide it in record time.

If you have any questions or special requests, you can call the usual number or get in touch via our website or by email. However, we complete and pack all orders as quickly as we can. Making the whole process as easy for you as possible.