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It’s game, set and match now you’ve found our collection of tennis medals. Ideal for a wide range of tennis matches and competitions, we’ll fulfil your order to bespoke requirements if needed. With just one small charge made for personalisation if you need it, it couldn’t be easier to order tennis medals online.

Challenge Trophies Online is ready to take your order. We offer a range of tennis-themed medals available to buy in gold, silver and bronze. Simply choose the colour you want and select a centre image. There is no extra charge made for this if you require it. It’s easy to put in your personalisation details too. Either enter and check them on the item page where indicated or wait until you are ready to check out.

Our collection of tennis medals is perfect for club days, local competitions or even regional events. Recognise the efforts of those who take part. Reward the players who come top of the league. Invest in great-value medals on ribbon or opt for the ones that come in their own presentation case for safekeeping.

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Our website has been designed to make the order process as easy as possible. However if you need any advice or you have a tight deadline to work to, call us and we will help in any way we can. When you have the chance to reward players for their hard work you want to make sure you get the details just right. Our tennis medals will do all the hard work for you.

Make sure you get the results you want today by ordering with confidence through our website. Your upcoming tennis event will be one to remember if you do.