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Swimming Medals – Turn Every Swimming Gala into a Glittering Affair

If you want to ensure that your next gala or meet goes swimmingly, having appealing medals is a must. Thankfully, we’ve got an array of distinctive awards for any swimming club organiser who is hoping that their event will make a splash on the sporting calendar.

The Perfect Prizes for Star Performers in the Pool

Whether you’re only planning to present awards to the podium-toppers at your swimming competition or want to give every participant a special memento to take home, you’ll find a host of attractive swimming medals to choose from in our online store. High-quality enough to be suitable for use at everything from school galas to regional championship meets, our awards are also so affordable that you’ll be able to buy them in bulk.

All of the products in our collection are available in bronze, silver and gold, and the central image on many of them can be replaced with another picture of your choice during the ordering process. You can opt for oval, circular, rose-shaped or even decagon-shaped awards, and many of the items that we offer are embossed or feature other gorgeous design elements.

Swimming Medals with Individual Flair

When you shop for swimming medals with us, you can purchase products with ribbons already attached, select boxed medals, or buy each element separately. That means you don’t have to spend money on items that you don’t need. We’ll also deliver your awards promptly, so that you know that everything’s in order and can spend your time and energy ensuring that all the other aspects of your event are going to plan.

What’s more, for an extra charge, we can personalise any of the pieces in our range with details of your meet or gala, the event the recipient has triumphed in, or any other wording that you’d like. Asking us to engrave your awards is simple too as it’s all part of the online ordering process, but if you need any extra support, you can contact us on 020 8722 0250.